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Tails of Happiness Canine Resort was developed to fill a void in the market of canine care. We started as dog owners who couldn't leave our beloved family members to sit in a cage while we went on vacation or on a trip for any reason. We had heard all the horror stories of dogs who pulled out their hair, barked until they couldn't any longer, were mistreated, or just generally neglected and we agreed when we got our first dog - if the dog couldn't go we wouldn't go. We've been lucky so far and have never had to leave anyone behind, but we recognize the possibility that such an event could occur so we decided to create the type of place we could leave them guilt free and worry free. 

We have a large (approx. 5 acres)  fenced in property with lake access, wooded area and open spaces. We don't charge extras for exercise, dogs are supervised around the clock and we post the pictures daily to help remove your anxiety about leaving your family member with us.

The Pack
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