We keep a well balanced and well behaved pack to help guide your dog through our expectations while they stay with us. Our animals are very submissive to us but still very confident and balanced with other animals. We don't see fights or possessive behavior because our pack knows there is no need for it. They have all of their needs met, if we need to take something away we sub something in, they get plenty of exercise and follow a routine. We use positive reinforcement to develop desired behavior patterns and ignore or shun undesirable traits. Dogs have a strong desire to be part of a pack and quickly follow the examples provided by an animal receiving praise. 


Willie is a pure bred golden retriever who loves to run fast and showcase his agility. His favorite games are tag (he is happy to be runner or chaser) and fetch (in or out of the water). In true retriever form Willie always has something in his mouth but doesn't chew and is happy to drop it for you.


Annie is a mixed breed rescue dog found near Sioux Lookout and brought to us through Second Chance Pet Network. As with most rescue dogs Annie has shown a tremendous amount of appreciation for her second chance and is very attentive, disciplined, and caring for her pack. She is an effective hunter often found rooting up rodents or fishing along the shoreline. Annie is predominantly husky and enjoys longer paced runs with the sled or out on the trail.


This sweet little vixen (also a product of Willie and Annie) shows more personality traits of a husky than a retriever. She employs a large variety of different vocalizations to get her point across, likes to play tug-o-war or keep away, and loves long paced runs. Gemma is a little shy at first but once she's convinced there is no threat she'll cuddle right up - usually with a sock in her mouth and a sheepish, dopey grin.


This happy go lucky fellow is the product of a time when Willie met Annie. Yes its true. Annie must have some black lab in her ancestry (she was mostly black as a pup) because the litter turned out mostly black in color. Trigger is a balanced mix of Willie and Annie he's big, strong, fast, and agile like a retriever with the endurance and playfulness of a husky. Trigger is usually the first to coax a new pack member into a game either by darting past them through the trees or pouncing at them with his butt up and tail curled over. 

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